Marcel Van Hooijdonk- All That You Want To Know About Him

Very few people make their own stand in the world and get recognized as a talented person, one of such person is Marcel Van Hooijdonk. He is very passionate about his hobbies and the list of interest includes names like Golf, Movie, Football, Culture etc. As he gathers knowledge upon these areas on continue basis, he tries to share them with others as well through his website.
Things to know about Marcel van Hooijdonk:
He was born in 1972. Soon after his school period got over in 1986, he took an interest in Real Estate Studies at the University of Utrecht. He completed that engineering in the year 1992 and kick-started his career as a property owner. His effective strategies were aimed towards buying properties and then leasing them out as soon as possible with a cost-effective return. Also, he gives quality advice on property investment. His career took a new leap in the year 1999 when he started working as a financial controller at Ruttchen, the company that has a fame as one of the largest Mercedes-Benz dealers in the Netherlands.
Marcel van Hooijdonk is riding high on his 44 years of life journey along with his wife, to whom he has been married for 20 years, and two children. His interest in varied subject lines compelled him to start a blog of his own. His blog shares ideas and latest news on multiple subject matters in an interesting way.
His passion about NAC Breda:

He is very passionate about NAC Breda, and for the same, he writes about the same on his blog on a daily basis. He keeps his readers hooked with the subject line very firmly and supplemented them with requisite fresh news of NAC Breda Club.
His Other contribution:
Food: A die-hard foodie only knows about the best dining out places present nearby, and Marcel van Hooijdonk is no different in this regard. By glazing through his blogs, you can come to know about favorite Italian foods suggestion in Amsterdam or on making your way to cheap Michelin Food of Singapore available in just $2. His another post in the blog says out loud about the special restaurants in Netherland.
Movie: If you're a movie fan, then Marcel's blog posts are also sure to impress you. He keeps you throwing the entertainment posts those are worth knowing. He tells about the upcoming movies, rate & reviews the freshly released movies. As these are not paid reviews, so you can expect true vines are flowing through the words thereby making the posts more organic.
Autos: If terms like 'Formula 1', 'Speed car', 'Sporty cars' grab your attention now and then, his Cars section is worth exploring. Being a car lover personally, Marcel feels responsible for letting his readers know about latest happenings in the sporting world of Formula racing cars. Not only this, but he also marks a review to the recently launched cars and rates them as per their true performance standard, unlike a novice.